Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to Bow

photoart: ralph murre

How to Bow
by CX Dillhunt

. . . . . . . . . . . .Bowing to another is not easy, even with reason.

You must learn to bow alone, to bow to no one. To whom, will come later, if at
all. If you have to change places in order to bow to yourself, that is OK, in the
beginning. Eventually, if you are to bow, to really know how to bow, you will no
longer change places. Instead, you will have learned how to bow to yourself
from a single position. This is no different, bowing to another, but it does require
practice and patience and above all pleasantness. If you cannot bow alone, to
yourself, you will never be able to truly bow to others.

Practice on trees, flowers, clouds, memories, dishes, floors, birds, ponds, and
grasses. Be patient. When you least expect it, you'll begin to see yourself as
you bow slowly, pleasantly to another. Remember: You are never to practice
on people. Also, be sure to save your best bows for your best friends, your
favorite gardens, an unplanned day. If bowing becomes easy, you must practice,
patiently, pleasantly. If you do not see yourself each time you bow, you are not
bowing. Bowing is not easy, but bowing is what you must do.

~ previously published in Girl Saints (Fireweed Press)