Friday, July 20, 2012

View From a Small Skyscraper

photoart: ralph murre

View From a Small Skyscraper
by David Scheler

An endless flow of headlights
snakes through city streets.

            Sub-atomic particles
            stream out from stars.

Riders stream to a London,
New York or Tokyo.

            Electron bonds with nucleus,
            electricity becomes composite.

The attraction atavistic;
a sense of grand potential.

            Stars spider galaxies.
            Sparks arc across neurons.

The snake of headlights
strings across spider galaxies.

            Genes snake across
            the spidered string of chromosomes.

In this equation, need is fleeting
while desire is a constant.
Chaos is its own precise pattern.

            In this equation,
            potential is the constant
            and the probable is fleeting.

~ previously published in Casting for Meteors