Friday, November 2, 2012

A Pair of Shoes

photoart: ralph murre

A Pair of Shoes
by Constance Vogel Adamkiewicz

In an alley lined with dumpsters
where only rats want to forage
stands a pair of shoes--
men's, crow-black and shiny,
slightly creased as if worn only once.
Not discarded on their sides
but upright, as far apart
as the man who wore them
might have stood.

Yet, who, no matter how foolhardy
after a night on the town,
who would run shoeless down this gangway
of stones and broken glass?

Not that I abhor the waste,
but the sight of them, like broken birds,
makes me fear
something bad has happened.

Maybe no one is missing,
but someone watching
behind the curtain of a high window,
camera on the sill waiting to shoot
a film noir of the passer-by
who stops, examines the soles,
tries them on and wobbles off like Chaplin.
Someone who looks around first
as if a bomb might go off.

~ first published in After Hours