Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sonnet for a Long Winter

photoart: sharon auberle

Sonnet for a Long Winter
by Christine Swanberg

The long winter procrastinates this year
like a difficult decision. To stay
or leave? The voice is not so crystal clear.
Is it a groove or rut we must obey
when all our senses stick like ice dams clogged
with winter inertia within our veins?
O, if only our minds could be de-fogged.
O, if only we could release the chains
that bind us to a life lived under par.
See how the crocus finally fights through soil
hard and cold? Such icy courage goes far
and yet comes so naturally without toil.
Perhaps the answer lies in staying still,
flowing with the force, let come what will.

~ first published in the Rock River Times