Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Life and I

artwork: ralph murre

    My Life and I
     by Thomas R. Smith

     We are generous with each other,
     though it’s evident anything
     I love instantly becomes his.
     I never tire of his stories, which
     I know for a fact are all true.
     For his part, he listens
     without ridiculing my hopes.
     Where we meet is the moving balance-
     line between memories and plans.
     We make a complete circle, his
     looping behind, my sweeping ahead.
     How could I ever feel poor,
     knowing the note of each moment
     is backed by the gold
     ingots of those decades
     he is carrying for me safely
     in a satchel under his heart?

   ~ first published in The Foot of the Rainbow
     (Red Dragonfly Press)