Saturday, March 8, 2014


detail from new mexico cemetery statuary, artist unknown

(Shelter of Peace)
by Kathy Miner

Mother to mother,
let us take it as a vow:
I will not raise my child
to murder yours.  Not in the name
of a nation,
not in the name of a god,
not in the name of money,
not for anyone
or any thing at all
will we allow them to be trained
in the ways of killing
their own kind.  These sons
and these daughters, who catch their essence from us
but spin it daily
into a new existence
beyond our imaginings --
let us stand arm in arm
in a unity of womanhood
and shout in one voice We do not give them life
that they might take it away
from one another.  That these beings
who grew beneath our hearts
and forevermore live within them, these babes
whose soft secrets we know and
whose names we chose
from the music of the universe –
let us cry from all the rooftops
that we do not suckle them
for the warmongers,
do not feed and clothe them
that they might put on uniforms
and be taught to forget
one another’s humanity.
That I will not be the cause of your weeping
nor you of mine.  We can do this,
we are mothers, we can make it happen
for once and for all:  by the power of love
let us stop
the making of war.  Here is a length of rope,
there a bit of canvas:  let us pitch a tent of peace
where all of our families
may dwell.

~ first published in the Capital Times