Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sneaking Up . . .

photart: ralph murre

Sneaking Up On You Bastard Poem You
by James Botsford

I came out to this old getaway
With only in mind to write
There were some maintenance repairs
Which took awhile
But a couple days later
I was nearly caught up
Til the storms hit
Requiring some clean up
And as it turned out
A few more repairs
And a couple days after that
And numerous old movies and
What bits of titillation I could find here for free
Which was interrupted by a conference call
I was under the weather
Cooking down a chicken carcass for soup
Haven’t made it past the mailbox
At the end of the lane
And after a fresh new heavy snow
Had to plow the lane again
So the recycling truck could get in
It’s been more than a week now but I’m
Sneaking up on you bastard poem you

~ previously published in Them Apples (Sandyhouse Press)