Saturday, June 21, 2014

MIRACLE ~ Little Eagle's RE / VERSE Post # 500

digital art: ralph murre

by Sharon Auberle

  Though we have no wings to lift us up,
we have imaginations that will.”
-           Frans Lanting

Whatever you do in this life,
never ignore small miracles
like this flock of white pelicans
soaring in circles overhead,
their great bodies backlit
by the sun, radiance pouring
down through their wings
in waterfalls of light.

Consider there might be
angels among them,
but even if you don’t find angels,
know your heart has been softened
by these immense beings of grace.

Please do not dismiss such gifts,
for rarely are we so blessed.
And oh, don’t turn away
and resume your small life,
instead, rise up, for a little while
as if you had seven foot wings,
as if you realized, finally,
we are all made of light.

~  first published in The Nature of Door (Cross+Roads Press)