Tuesday, July 8, 2014

They are tap dancing . . .

artwork: ralph murre

They are tap dancing to Vivaldi

in Albany, New York tonight
according to the Community                      
Message Board heard three times
daily on your commercial classical
music station.  All four seasons are
going to be represented.  How?
It is difficult to imagine exactly
how.  You will have to travel to
Albany in order to find out if these
tap dancers will be a new kind
of Rockettes Revue, low-steppers
instead of high kickers, eschewing
Country and Western line dancing
routines for fancy dancing, no, not
step dancing, mind you, or show
tune dancing but something more
refined, something applicable to each
of our four seasons. This is Vivaldi
after all, not Lloyd-Webber or have
The Seasons been changed, abridged,
up tempoed, truncated or tarted up
for a mass audience appeal?  You
will have to travel to Albany to find
out.  Some of us will remain at home,
listening to the original, awaiting your
critical reports of just what these tap
dancing people thought they were doing
to Vivaldi on a Friday Night in Albany.

~ Alan Catlin

* previously published in The Art of Survival
(Kings Estate Press)