Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Primo, Secundo

oil painting: l. da. vinci / digital image: r. murre

Primo, Secundo
by Margot Peters

So long we've played duets,
hips spreading on piano bench,
now merging, you Humpty
me Dumpty, making music together.

You play above middle C
hands darting like finches
over the green field of my bass.
I drive the bus below, striving to set
the tempo.

We clap earmuffs on Mozart's bust
to spare him the bad notes.
Schubert throbs on your vintage Steinway,
Ravel falters on my Yamaha grand.

You said to me yesterday: "I've always
wanted to play secundo."

Conductor lowers his baton
Orchestra scrapes back its chairs.

Truly, have we been making music
for thirty-five years, you wanting secundo?

Do I know you, friend?

~ first published in Free Verse