Friday, May 8, 2015

What Right Have I?

photo: jude genereaux

“What Right Have I”
  by Jude Genereaux

What right do I have
to luxuriate in such exquisite beauty?
     people are starving in Africa
           children die in the killing fields
                   the mid-east festers, ticking

What right …
to sit gazing at sun dazzled water
lined in cliffs of white, bumblebees pop & whizz
through candy cane striped flutes
gulls glide, weightless over the
navy-blue-white-frothing bay
             I sit idle in a field
             studying the lace of white pine;

Would I dare to hope this is karma, reincarnation?
I am aware of nothing I did to earn this moment
               even as I recognize the truest sin
                        would be to not rejoice in such grace

When I return home I promise to write
my congressmen, send money to good causes
            but for this moment
my sole Duty,  my responsibility
            is to take Notice of this perfection
                                      and be glad.                               

~ first published in Base Camp