Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mermaid Tattoo Becomes Enmeshed . . .

artwork: ralph murre

Mermaid Tattoo Becomes Enmeshed
in Her Relationship
by Sylvia Cavanaugh

I was crafted carefully and with cunning
to link my ink to this relentless red flow
nailed down to the pulse 
like a seashell ocean’s echo my 
two dimensions bend and arch
they ache to the rhythm of his three as
I’m plastered flat to a twining twitch
of muscle and deeper down
I sense the bone I cannot grasp it makes
my stomach turn and yet my
tiny nipples burn I yearn for him
trapped beneath the death of him
as his outer layer flakes away
and I’m the only witness

we hover over women with
their open legs like rowboat oars
the wretched separation 
distantly they beg for us and
gnash their teeth
we heave and sweat
the salty sea and thrash
a flash of scale on
spangled tail
'til his eyes roll back
and stare through mine

~ first published in Peninsula Poets