Tuesday, January 26, 2016

RE / VERSE Fourth Anniversary Post: BLUE IS A FUGITIVE COLOR

photoart: sharon auberle

by Sharon Auberle

It is the color of ambiguous depth,
of the heavens and of the abyss at once…
            ~  Alexander Theroux

Do you remember that night
I said I would have to leave?

Under a blue moon
in Clem & Ursie's Bar

you asked would I walk toward
something      or away
            and I said a horizon

is what I need, 
a road rising to meet me.   

Dante's 9th Circle of Hell isn't fire
but ice     
            yet blue light

has the energy to escape ice
and remain visible.

            Too often invisible to you I became     

is a fugitive color  
fades quicker than any other.

~ first published in Peninsula Pulse