Thursday, March 22, 2012


Crossword Sonnet: Codes
by Jeanie Tomasko

1. (Across) Knot in the middle of the spine. 2. (Down) The
spine of the matter. 3. Matter at the corner of the eye.
4. I, you, word for us. 5. Word for tonight. 6. I can’t
________ anyone. 7. (Down) The Truth. 8. (Down) Word
for wild joy—(see 9 Across.) 9. Across from me at your
shiny steel counter, you, taking orders for fries, burgers;
on our breaks they won’t let us talk so we write notes
to each other (10) across: fast food order forms. 11. Words
for can’t wait. 12. (Across) to meet you later. 13. Under
the second bridge. 14. Run your hand up the middle
of my sternum; turn the key behind the heart.

~ previously published in The New Guard