Saturday, March 10, 2012


artwork: sharon auberle

by Sharon Auberle

follow wishes and whims
follow moonlight
follow cactus buttons
Druids or monks
in red robes
follow a feather
floating across the sky
follow the Lord of the Dance
the Roman Pope, the stars
follow clouds and dreams
and the naked man in them
follow Mary, Pele
Green or Red Tara
follow Nothing
follow a three-legged dog
follow a flag, an ideal
old money, your bliss
your dead papa’s voice
follow comets that come
every hundred years
follow the Green Man
the vanishing road
the Buddha
the Church of Coltrane
follow that lost river
the forest path
Kuan Yin
a hawk, a canyon
Jesus the Christ
follow them home
to that one who’s
loved you all these days
fall into his eyes
remember the night
when you said to him
I’m looking for someone to worship.
Who could ever live up to that?

~ previously published in Crow Ink (Little Eagle Press)