Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a visit to the museo del prado

artwork: norman j. olson

a visit to the museo del prado
 by Norman J. Olson

I saw an El Greco man
in the museum today, dangling
I saw pictures of flying
gods swarming like all the monkeys
of Oz…  pictures of
in gilt frames
on guilty walls…  genocidal nazis, yes, but
for all of that tough sons of bitches,
in gray painted grieves reflecting
specks of
16th Century light…  imagine that light
hopping like a rabbit down mullioned halls,
through vast webs
of empty and black painted space…

a woman with a face like a seashell
closed a shutter to keep the evening sun from touching
the wall…  imagine…

I heard a voice crying out
in English…  too loud
the echoing galleries…  cursing…
I hoped it was not my voice…
I hoped it was not my bloody hands
tearing at the gray painted
of light
and time…

~ first published in Ascent Aspirations