Thursday, May 17, 2012

When asked

artwork: ralph murre

When asked
 by Albert De Genova

Tell us something about your saxophone…
Well, it’s been with me a long long time–
It is the back beat in my bones

swaggering through nights of smoke and moan
a brassy whore of musk and wine.
I’ll tell you somethin’ ‘bout my saxophone.

A voodoo spell of chants and stones,
it’s filled with grindin’-n-blues-in’ and rhyme.
And more,        it knows the crying in my bones

knows the unanswered echo of a telephone
has traveled the roads of lies and crimes.
Let me tell you ‘bout my saxophone.

Sometimes it has a mind of its own
its reedy voice don’t sound like mine,
yet it’s always ringing through my bones.

In my hands it feels like home
a curious marriage of wind and time.
I’ll tell you ‘bout my saxophone
it is the singing in my bones.

~ previously published in Back Beat, second edition (Fractal Edge Press)