Monday, June 11, 2012

A Brief Excerpt

photoart: ralph murre

A Brief Excerpt
by Jackie Langetieg

What must it have been like
swimming beneath her heart in that dark, silken sea?

Wind has frozen the lake into a black mirror. Its endlessness reminds me of a birth night: traveling through space lit by pinpoints of stellar ice.  (She comes at night when I'm asleep, entering the room on the whim of a breeze, waits for that one second during everyone’s night--a pause between breathing out and the beginning of breathing in. She leans down and whispers a single astonishing note like the cry of a forest flute on the breeze. Whenever I hear that memory song, a shutter snaps; perhaps I glance behind me on a too quiet street or wake in the dark and know that what woke me was more than just a sound.  It stops me; I see into her eyes, wait a second and go on.)

~ an excerpt from White Shoulders ( Cross + Roads Press )