Sunday, August 26, 2012


artwork: ralph murre

by A.D. Winans

I wake from a troubled night's sleep
My eyes burning
My ears on fire
My mouth glued to my gums
I look in the mirror
At two tiny dwarfs
Sitting on my head chewing
On bananas spitting out cornflakes
While uttering profanities
In an alien dialect that befuddles
The President and his cabinet
Primping for the election year
Promising to cure the ills of the world

My brain was in turmoil as the rain outside
Beat down insistently on my eyelids which
Cowered down below the equator of my eyebrows
Like two ripe grapes
Posing for a simulated exercise in intercourse.

Outside on the balcony
 F, Scott Fitzgerald rubbed suggestively
Against Zelda
Who was busy having an affair
With a cigar store Indian
Who puffed smoke in the face of Ezra Pound
Who recited poetry to T.S. Eliot
Who stared in amusement
At the blurred image
Of 13 jazz musicians standing stoop-shouldered
Against a cardboard cutout
Of religious zealots masturbating
At the sight of the original Manager
Which shatters with mushroom force
From the barrels of toy guns
Handed out in the streets of Riot Town

I take it for as long as my mind allows
Shake it from my head
With an invisible broom
Made from leftover spider webs
Woven out of abandoned dreams
From the smoke filled pipe
Of an opium lover
Who died sprinting across
The lawn of W.C. Fields
Rolled over with laughter
At the sight of Charlie Chaplin
Clutching a burlap sack
Made from lavender underwear
Sold over the counter
By sexless fashion models
Clad in black leather
Boots and matching caps
Stolen from the wardrobe
Of Char and Madonna
Who take pleasure
In the back seat of a sports car
With a revved-up supercharger
Projecting obscene image
Heaven bound where
Societal cowboys ride bareback
On gelded black stallions
Profess their tiredness
Of Bob Dylan dreams
While smothering the futility
Between the crossed legs
Of a smiling Buddha

~ previously published in Carmel Clowns (Atom Mind Press)