Thursday, August 9, 2012

Main Street Song

photo: ralph murre

Main Street Song
by Anjie Kokan

Here are the breeze, the dust, the honey,
the mudprints of children, this home.
Listen to the painted songs of the monarch princess,
join in the chase of the high-pitched prince.

Viva the chaos of this swarming place!
Viva the five a.m. trembles of trains!
Viva the mortgage eight months late!
Viva!  Viva!   Viva!

A bouquet of pears from friends
helps light this rush and what floods it,
brightens the path of what's blooming:

tulips, lilacs, scrapes, and hugs.
The slight sting of bees swims through us,
this happy, happy blood.

~ originally published in Bellowing Ark