Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Georgia On My Mind

watercolor detail: sharon auberle

Georgia On My Mind
by Estella Lauter

            After a painting of Georgia O’Keeffe by Sharon Auberle

She could be ninety in this painting
grey hair artfully covered
dark clothing, wrinkled skin
but she still made art and lived well.

Somewhere, behind the failing eyes
is a young woman who painted
in the nude on hot afternoons.
Somewhere, under the navy
jacket are brilliant canna petals.
Somewhere, above the curved lips
are delicious memories of love.
Somewhere, behind the strong jaw
are the artworld barriers she broke.

Somewhere, beyond the black scarf
are women of a certain age
who knew her as a pathfinder
climbing her own ladder to the moon.

Somewhere in this space 
is what we call inspiration
not daring to be too familiar
waiting for us to remove
the scarf that covers our hair.

~ first published in the Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar