Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Children

artwork: carl larsson

The Children
by June Nirschl
A tribute to the children
 of Sandy Hook Elementary

I want to hear their names
the soft and hard sounds
enunciated by the mothers and fathers
who loved them
who planned for them
and now grieve their loss
let Noah    Olivia    Catherine     James
spill from their mouths again and again
let bereft voices groan with affection
for Avielle   Jack   Jessica    Emilie
champion the innocence and hope
each young life embodied
the dreams hovering at the ready
to ride a pony tease the neighbor save a life
let Benjamin    Dylan    Caroline    Josephine
be celebrated in prayer and rejoicing

I want to hear their names
spun like strands of silver across the winter sky
raised in celebration for the love they shared
and lifted    Madeleine    Allison   Daniel    Ana
let the names convey the beauty
these fragile children carried
human eyes of many hues hair of many shades
yet still the carols sound melodies embracing
Jesse    Chase    Charlotte    Grace
these children
our sorrow

~ first published in the Peninsula Pulse