Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Eminently Well Met

artwork: charles altamount doyle

Eminently Well Met
by Gary C. Busha

(Honoring drawings of Charles Altamont Doyle, father of Arthur Conan Doyle)

O death,
one day we shall meet–
perhaps we’ll hook elbows in polka
or grovel knee-deep in mire, feet to feet–
perhaps we’ll shudder at our reflections
in a pond, or share some space
under a plum tree as the fruit falls
and rots and disappears.

O death,
shall I have time to straighten my tie
(before I die) or on a moment’s notice,
be yanked from life, too late to settle my estate?

Will it be cancer, a sudden spasm at night,
or the likely accident on the road
while trying to avoid the rotting skunk,
and by doing so swerve into a semi carrying 60 tons
of frozen beef to supermarket, the driver drunk?

Is there time to reflect the fast forward of one’s life?
Here I was a slobbering newborn,
there acne-faced in high school, then on the road,
driving somewhere, getting the cob without the corn.

Was I one who reached old age, sitting in a rocker,
staring at a blurry page? Did I ever have one single,
original thought? Or, was I computed and managed
by what I bought?

When we meet, O death,
how shall we greet? Shall I doff my hat? Must I bow
at your feet? Or, can we simply meet–
and meeting be eminently well met, hand to hand,
glove to glove, boney fingers laced, yin and yang?

~ previously published in Poems from Farmers Valley
   (Prell Publishing)