Saturday, March 23, 2013

Museum Skeleton

photo: ralph murre

 Museum Skeleton
                                                 by Susan T. Moss

                                                She doesn’t say to shed
                                                one’s skin.  She doesn’t say
                                                to burn brighter, work harder,
                                                pray more.

                                                She says nothing, stands erect,
                                                raised from another era
                                                when daily life had to be
                                                gathered by the handful,

                                                protected from others
                                                who only wanted their share
                                                of what became obsolete
                                                and unfathomable.

                                                We can see further,
                                                collect more, button ourselves
                                                against fierce winds that stir
                                                what she too

                                                might have felt on joyless nights
                                                with only a spark to reveal
                                                the insights we keep at arm’s length –
                                                and still the fear of the dark.

                                                ~ first published in After Hours