Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A farewell . . .

photoart: ralph murre, from a photo by bobbie krinsky

Norbert ~
If, once again, you must lead us where we will surely follow; Via con Dios, Amigo. Gracias por todo.  My English is not good enough to express what I feel.  I resort to a language I do not speak.  You understand.     ~ Ralph  
. . .

This morning, our friend, Norbert Blei, left us to wander in another realm.  Sunnier, maybe.  He was our teacher, our compadre, our conscience sometimes.  He was the thorn in our side.  He was the salve for our wounds.  He was our encyclopedia.  And he wrote.  Oh, Jesus, he wrote.  He published some of us, read us, read to us.  He told me I was a poet, and I believed him.

Norb caught the 8:18 train this morning.  Jude was there, on that cold platform, to see him off.

My deepest sympathy to his children and to all who loved him.

Fare thee well, Norbert.     ~ RM

(Note: for those unfamiliar with the man, I suggest beginning your acquaintance by looking him up on Wikipedia)