Saturday, July 20, 2013

At the Dentist

At the Dentist
by Robert Nordstrom

Stretched out in this space-age La-Z-Boy
a high-speed Swedish-steel factory
whining inside my head
this guy cradles my head against his belly
like maybe he thinks it's me who's whining
and tells me he had a bad day
Dow Jones dropped 500 plus
but that's not his problem
and even if it were
these high-rise windows don't open
my palms are sweaty
but it's his bad day
and my bad luck
to be listening to this shit
my whole life it seems
just can't get a word in edgewise
what with this noise inside my head
and these people who make their point
despite the din
leaving me no recourse
but to wish I were a bald toothless monk
with the wisdom to understand
why these two skinny boys
and sullen little fat girl
are hanging in a frame
on a wall
next to a plant noose
in front of a window
that won't open

~ first published in Main Street Rag