Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hibiscus Blooming

artwork: giuseppe de nittis

Hibiscus Blooming
by Hope McLeod

Having not bloomed for three years
my hibiscus burst forth
with a single, kimono-orange plume
a sign perhaps that our dog's passing
would be a smooth one.

As we held her she sang three fetching notes
like a Tibetan monk chanting
or a conch shell blowing
to warn us of a fast approaching vessel.

As the day darkened
as the flower shriveled
we wrapped our old puppy in bed sheets
and wondered

will we be that lucky
to have the other nearby
to stroke our soft ears
as we birth into death

to give each other room to sing
whatever needs to be sung
whatever needs to be done
to close up our lives

like a summer cabin for winter
like a gentle flower
bending its petals inward
after a long day of blooming.

~ previously published in The Place We Begin
   (Herd a Word)