Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Beyond the Potomac

                            Beyond The Potomac
                                     by Susan T. Moss
                                    Lincoln sits in stony silence
                                    with sleepless gaze while American
                                    soldiers shrouded in ponchos and helmets
                                    stride the Korean monument
                                    near a black wall sanctifying
                                    thousands who might have wondered
                                    had they lived past Vietnam
                                    what message this dark testament
                                    could offer those remembered
                                    in a registry at the
                                    laurel-crowned spectacle
                                    for the bloodied honor of World War II.
                                    And this spring a hawk swiped a sparrow
                                    and last night a coyote got the Wilsons’ dog.
                                    Destruction flies on fragile wings
                                    or stalks with hungry defiance
                                    through our neighborhoods and lives
                                    as we wonder what fear looks like and
                                    how to measure it in a form easy to grasp
                                    when carnage howls at our doorstep.

                                    ~ first published in Out of Line