Saturday, January 25, 2014


artwork: ralph murre

Hard Truths, Stiff Drinks and One Faithless Woman

by Cathryn Cofell

Endorphin-loving hellions of the world:    
your ride is here.
Hop on board the It Girl.
It Provocateur.  It Chameleon. It Hyphenate.
I am your backstage pass,
your ticket to the show. 
Form a line to the left; you must be at least
this tall to buckle into this cyber-chippy. 
Have you got it? 
The saucy fit? 
The Krispy Kreme?
The nine essential vitamins?
Blue collar, white collar, how about no collar?
How about the hip-hop,
the red dwarf,
the shimmy-lickin love shack?
How about a digitally-altered Keanu Reeves
bobbing like a plastic dog in my rear
window?  That’s the button,
the trigger, the real matrix. 
No room for sopranos or tarzans, skanks overboard:
you’ve been living in the dark ages
and I’m your only flashlight.

                         ~ previously appeared in Tiny Little Crushes (LockOut Press)