Saturday, September 1, 2012

jazz at the someday cafe

photo: ralph murre

                        jazz at the someday café
                                                      by irene koronas

                              after all the questions

after all the lovers
after being a carnal queen
after you leave saturday night

                                sirens cause my head to turn

thelonious monk in the background
as if smoking keeps people thin\while
nicotine destroys a liar

as if your penis found a home,
scribe’s momentary gesture, you
tattoo cigarette holes on the linoleum

land of d.n.a.
black and white summer stations. baby
let me carry your box

                                 try to be pleasant-it is fathers day

                                 beauty on every bus. right right

                                 those paint stain trousers, pollock flags

brain scan
we all try to connect dots
paint horses, tin houses on wheels
neon ice cream cones

without need, smile people
walk by pigeons from other side

                                   there never was a question

~ previously published in after