Friday, September 7, 2012


collage: daniel abdal-hayy moore

by Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore

I always feel it could all just evaporate away at
any moment that it’s on the
verge of evaporating right this minute that
some parts of it are already going and I’m left
with nothing or next to nothing
were it not for the divine adhesive

That I’m on the verge of losing it all and any
ability to capture it or typify it or even just
sing limp songs to it in my fashion with all their
stampeding horses and heart-pulses throughout them
golden or not a few forlorn lamentations or

And then look around at a scarce and
barren place with some bent figures in the
distance combing through the debris perhaps to
complete the post-holocaustal picture
but even in its minute particulars life is
but a dream merrily merrily we row our
boat down and the breath of
death angels on our cheeks gives them that
peach flush

There’s an abyss between us and what we see

Ghostly ships are coming into harbor
great sails are unfurling and it’s actually
more universe about to vanish in smoke

As their prows become visible they’re already

And yet the earnest sincerity of good-hearted people
suggests a kind of permanence

A thing which is already disembodied and
subtle in nature
has more solid endurance and reality and
fills up the abyss with something more than
fantastic zoo animals
ibexes dik-diks creatures with
curlicue horns and beady eyes

Soul-stuff actually is of the permanent universe
while everything else is already half-gone
sliding like a paper-thin 2-dimensional kind of
magical slide sideways into
non-being so that what we experience all the time is already
mostly gone and in the
next moment has
vanished away completely

~ previously published in Blood Songs (The Ecstatic Exchange)