Friday, September 28, 2012

The Center, Not Holding

photoart: ralph murre

The Center, Not Holding                     
                        after re-reading Yeats' The Second Coming
by Ed Werstein

Here is what has been revealed so far:
That tide of anarchy
stemmed in its infancy
might have been preferable
to this.

The shapes of tanks and missiles
dim the sands of two deserts
with the blood of both the innocent
and the invaders,
sending even more
indignant desert birds
into flights of terror.

Here at home,
blind falconers on Wall Street
cannot control the economy,
which is only one of many things
falling apart.

Those who have convictions,
are full of the passionate
intensity of polarity.

Meanwhile, the hungry falcon
spirals out of control
in search of more prey,
its hooked beak, sharp talons
and beady eyes,
now focused firmly
on the middle class,
the center that is not holding.

Darkness drops
as the rough beast
of deep recession,
having devoured Bethlehem
and other steel towns
decades ago,
slouches on and on.

~ first published in The Blue Collar Review