Thursday, December 6, 2012


photo: sharon auberle

by Bruce Dethlefsen

I will always forget you
you’re the first person I forget
each morning and the last
one I recall at night

I will never remember you
wearing that blue maybe green dress
walking you home from high school
joking about some mounted
squirrels or perhaps rabbits
the laughing bowling alley windows
prospect     montgall    
agnes     bellefontaine
I forget each street by street
your whispering hair

why must I remember
your beagle named binky
or your beat cop father
charlie who drank too much
to forget to sleep

I can’t recall at all
who kissed who first
or was it whom
by the swings at brush creek park
in the light     in the dark    in the light

as I remember you were sunshine
on the lilac leaves the breeze
through those forget-me-nots
all that and so much less

imagine the number of times
I’ve forgotten every inch of you
discovering electricity over and over
just by touching your hand
your whispering hair
your eyes your name that smile
I forget it all
as if it were only yesterday
and of course your whispering hair

there there don’t forget
it’s all forgotten
all forgotten now once more

~ previously published in Unexpected Shiny Things
   ( Cowfeather Press)