Friday, December 14, 2012

Sister of Narcissus

from a photo by sienna brown

Sister of Narcissus
by Ellaraine Lockie
          After Echo and Narcissus in Greek Mythology

As she freed water from the bathtub
there clinked six times a knock of metal
She rose, wrapped a towel around her
and looked through the peephole
in the hotel room door

Seeing nothing she said Who's there
Who's there repeated a voice
heavy with the weight of an octave
Show yourself so I may decide she said
The deep echo in the hall said the same

She, having little interest in imitation
and being a modern woman wet with desire
opened the door and dropped the towel
He being an age-old fool of a man
stepped from the wall in a pool of drool 

She smacked him in the face with the door
Retired to her king-sized waterbed
Listened to a litany of rejected voices
And laughed

~ first published in Shakespeare’s Monkey Review