Wednesday, February 6, 2013


collage: daniel abdal-hayy moore

 by Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore

An underwater oceanographer looks through his
round porthole and sees a

celestial city riding on silver clouds

An astronomer glues his eyes to a telescope’s eyepiece and
sees a convoy of whales just heading out

from a lunar orbit after a meeting of the Shoosh Clan

I look down at this page in the
act of writing and see

millennia of backbent scribes trying to
get it down in words before it

all turns back into sugar

The downpour is ceaseless but as we
glance out through the falling strands of water we might

catch a glimpse of the pearl necklaces God
dangles down from The Beloved’s neck

just near enough to earth to
entice us both forward and upward

with a glitter in our eyes only
magnified by the sights we see

A thundercloud that opens on Odin’s Peak

A rainbow backdrop to all the oceans
clapping their hands for joy at God’s

fishy banquet day after day

and at night when moonlight spreads its
elegant silken tablecloth out on the waves

~ previously published in Sparks Off the Main Strike
   ( The Ecstatic Exchange )