Tuesday, February 19, 2013


photoart: sharon auberle


by Sharon Auberle

Nocebo:  I will harm

I will harm you
by the silence
that may fill our rooms
silence more enormous
than a star.
I will harm you
by not seeing
you--across the table from me
or your arms, silvered
by moonlight, reaching out.
These will hurt you more
than the piercing blades
of words thoughtlessly
hurled in anger.
I will harm you most
by rendering you invisible.

Placebo:  I will please

I will please you
with my breath, warm
on the curve of your neck,
with the respectful intake
of your words into my heart.
I will please you with my eyes
my touch, my fragrance, my taste
as you have pleased me.
I will please you with all
this body, blood and bones.
I do not mean to harm you, ever,
yet—in love—it is inevitable
that I will.

~ first published in Fox Cry Review