Friday, February 22, 2013

Where Water Might Be Blue

artwork: vincent van gogh

Where Water Might Be Blue
-after Van Gogh’s Rhônebarques, 1888
     by Kristin Alberts

Boats float easy in the thick river.
Ropes are heavy and hand-twisted,
made by some old man with leather palms,
half-blind from gazing at rising suns and
braiding frayed string ends
that bind the floating to the steady,
boat to shore, man to land.
Planks lay crossways flat, paths
between boats and docks, waving walkways
where sea-legged men stagger under
piles of supplies, filling the vessel
with all the land can offer the sea as sacrifice--
armfuls of wood for fires at night,
trunks of dried meat, drinking water kegs,
and heavier loads of dreams and wishes
for where waves would take them,
only the ropes holding them back
from finding days and places
where water might be blue.

~ previously published in Where Water Might Be Blue
   (Wm Caxton Ltd)