Tuesday, June 18, 2013

JUNE 18, 2004

JUNE 18, 2004
by Cathryn Cofell

This is the day you wake
and say: Who are you
and why are you wearing
those ridiculous pajamas? 
What happened to the sexy nightie
girl who used to slither up in you,
whisper Nancy Sinatra songs
but not the one about the boots?

This is the day you fall
out of love with yourself,
that day you realize
you will have to come up with
the all-time best break-up line,
but even as you think it, you know
it will never happen;
you will never leave your wretched self.
You will stay and stay and take it,
become the someone you really are,
a sloshy, spineless thing, old
and whiny, the fat outcast in glasses,
she’s back from the milk carton,
she’s back.

~ previously appeared in Sweet Curdle (Marsh River Editions)