Saturday, June 29, 2013

Memento Mori Minnesota

artwork: nicolaes berchem

Memento Mori Minnesota
 by Sarah Busse

End of June. In a few patches
in the upper reaches green
turns orange—the early
stages. Minnesota’s like
the Middle Ages, never far
from death, from dark, from winter.
Here, only doctors
and cereal boxes
talk any sense.
Eat fiber. Say your prayers.
The Renaissance
was born in a temperate
zone, with more lenient
weather, a kinder clime
altogether, where
sublime angels of perspective
tread the balmy air tuning
their lute strings. Of course
we know all along
those trees are wrong, but,
when we learn a friend might
have cancer, we don’t talk of it
with the windows open,
for fear our neighbor, Fate,
might hear. When she knocks,
we don’t open our door.

~ first published in White Pelican Review