Monday, June 3, 2013

Sundays on the South Side

artwork: ralph murre

Sundays on the South Side
by Robert M. Zoschke

one day driving over to Auntie’s
a huge red sign appeared
on a rubble strewn street corner
along Cicero Avenue

Gas City the sign hollered
and watching that joint
rise up from the ground
was a thrill

first Chi Town station
with a mini mart
and huge signs
warning not to shoplift

I was a young kid then
staring at those signs
I was still a
good kid

best part about going to Auntie’s
was Uncle waiting
on his racing pigeons to
land and hop into the coop

two years of pleading with Auntie
please let me sit outside with Uncle
finally she talked to him
and he said okay

Uncle never said anything
he just sweated it out
waiting on his birds
corner of 59th and Hamlin

before she died I asked Auntie
why Uncle was always so serious
sweating out those birds
coming home

Auntie said Robert those men
bet a lotta money on them birds
and Robert I mean
a lotta money

~ previously published in THE LOWDOWN (Street Corner Press)