Friday, November 29, 2013

A Farmer Searches . . .

digital photoart: ralph murre

A Farmer Searches for His Livestock
During a Snow Storm
by Linda Blaskey

He imagines them huddled
together by now, long

eyelashes rimed with ice.
Their hoof prints blown over

making it hard to track
them. Guernseys and Jerseys.

Like his grandfather,
only Guernseys and Jerseys.

Sure, there are others
that produce more,

the brash-colored Holstein,
the Norwegian Red, but it’s the muted tones

of his girls, their dark points,
that stir something in him. 

He loves to slide his hand
along their warm flanks,

feel the contour, like he loves
to run his hand over his wife’s hip

as she lies on her side in their bed.
He thinks of this as he trudges

through drifts, whistling, calling,
listening for the lead cow’s bell. 

A crow sits on a fence post, its caw
like a knell.  Its dark eye
watches him pass as snow sifts down.

~ first published in The Delmarva Review