Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ode to the Pond at Giverny

cover art: lena anderson

Ode to the Pond at Giverny
by Wendy Elizabeth Ingersoll

Beside her willowed bank, the painter never moves his easel.
For hours he regards her: frame of boughs, Japanese

bridge, tousled grass on her shoulder, long sun and sultry drift
of clouds wavering her mien. Mesmerized, he seeks the light—it shifts,

sidles, skips across her brow, his brush pursues as time
transforms her countenance.  Closer, closer he bends his eye,

until bridge, bank, branch, clouded blue
all blur, and he woos

the very photons of light that kiss her face.
Attend: within their waves,
         he finds grace.

~ first published in Caesura