Tuesday, November 26, 2013


artwork: ralph murre

by Jean Feraca

I take you in (O happy dagger!)
Gorge on you, motherhoard
My plunder

There is no bottom to this well
No quelling
This huge hunger

I thought you were the sea swelling
I thought I was Aphrodite rising from your foam
Who is this monster rides you flat out, flailing

Knees, thighs
Dug in
Goading your thunder?

This must be the underworld we forge
Your colossal legs floundering
Through ungulate water, the air

Roaring, we sink
Into a stew
Thick as sulphur we are galloping through

Brays, bellows, a hullabaloo
From the inside -- It's bedlam

I'm queen of, rampant
I snort, shudder

Boil up like a brew, a screamer
Pluming over.  Arched

Ready to leap
Out of time
To be

Released, the flint that flies
Into dawn.

~ first published in Crossing the Great Divide
  (Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters)