Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Capture the Drops

photo: cristina norcross

Capture the Drops
 by Cristina M.R. Norcross

Sometimes love feels rationed –
doleful, little cups
from an inattentive lover.

The forgotten word –
the rush out the door –
the, goodbye
without, I love you, too.

There is a well
that gathers affection’s rain.
Years of held hands,
of walking side-by-side –
a trail of crumbs
to remember the road,
when it wasn’t this lonely.

Cup your hands
to capture the drops.
Retrain the heart
to give a little –
a soft reed in the wind.

It all flows back.
The touch on the shoulder,
the glance back before opening the door,
the notion that
years collect –
they gather in a semi-circle
of love remembered –
love that insists on staying.

~ first published in An Ariel Anthology (Ariel Woods Books)