Sunday, August 23, 2015


artwork: edward hopper

by Mary Jo Balistreri
            after Edward Hopper

Let me linger a while longer
in the sun, this warm summer breeze.
On the threshold, before you brand me
with your label, I rest my arm on stone.

You call me easy. To say I could have chosen
differently is too easy.

Let me linger a while longer.

I like the way my straw hat protects,
its ribbon trailing down
my back. I’m beautiful in my white summer dress,
good patent leather shoes.

You too are capable of what you disown.
But let me linger while you stare.

You see a naked woman in a sheer white dress.
Big tits and fleshy thighs, the dress a cover up,
a come on.

But let me linger while you stare.

I am stony determination, black isolation.
The confines of my prison and my loneliness,
my bare subsistence—I offer what I can. 
Let me linger a while longer, my full red lips,
almost ready, my foot about to step down.

~ first published in Mobius: The Poetry Magazine