Sunday, August 2, 2015

Snapping Turtle

artwork: jeannie e. roberts

Snapping Turtle
     by Jeannie E. Roberts

Here, where countless creatures
weave through these waters,

where wild jewelweed
and Oswego tea

explode like fireworks,
where cattail spike  

and wood ducks float
quietly, here, you hide

near lily pads, soaking
your vicious temper,  

your mighty jaws
mid these muddy waters

you call home.  Here,
something ancient rises,

unchanged, stalking,
tearing turbulently

with aquatic skill,
reptilian toughness

and cold-blooded instinct.
Here, where your life

means death
to countless creatures,

where final breaths
weave peacefully 
through waters,  
shining home.    

~ first appeared in Nature of it All
    (Finishing Line Press, 2013)