Saturday, October 13, 2012

CLOSING THE CABIN . . . RE / VERSE post #200

photo: patricia wellingham-jones

 by Patricia Wellingham-Jones

Pine shadows stripe the blacktop,
vine maples spill gold on the road,
willows dance orange tangos in the breeze
as we drive to the lake in late October.

Our voices bounce across the water like skipping stones.
A flicker hammers his way up a trunk.
Jays demand sandwich scraps
the year is too old to provide.

On the far shore a loon pulls down a rain cloud.
We hear the slap of rising waves on the shore.
Lightning slashes through steamy black wool
and insects shrill their alien tongues.

Around us the air explodes with sound.
The storm breaks over our heads
like soup bowls thrown at a wall and I
want to cower with the dogs under the bed.

Next morning with pipes drained, windows shuttered,
we leave in the first sprinkles of snow.
The mountain prepares itself for winter—
lake black in the coming cold, birds silent.

~ previously published in Autumn Leaves