Monday, October 29, 2012

The Speed Limit of the Universe

photoart: ralph murre

The Speed Limit of the Universe
 by David Clowers

The speed limit of the universe
is supposed to be the speed of light—
and I guess it is if you want to know
how fast a photon can travel—
but what about information
in the universe?
How fast does that go?

Let me tell you a story:
My love was in London.
I called to say I was on my way,
and wished I was already there,
not half a continent, plus an Ocean, away.
You are here,  she began,
as I felt something slide
over my shirt,
on top of my heart—
I even looked down to see—
then she said,
and I’m in your pocket, Luv!

~ previously published in
Shedding My Three Piece Birthday Suit (Birchwinds Press)