Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mischievous Eyes While Wondering

Mischievous Eyes While Wondering
by Jeffrey Winke

With a grimace of reluctance and a dramatic sigh, she gently peels away the sequin-encrusted magenta-color padded satin sleep mask that was custom crafted for her by the flamboyant artist-friend, Maximillian, who secretly collects office staplers - his favorite being the 1954 Tatum Aluminum Stapler with its "extra penetrating power" as the old advertisement boasted - and she rubbed the sandman's work from the corner of her mischievous eyes while wondering if her succumbing completely to the delicious enticements of the suave vampire had really happened last night or was it merely a longing fantasy in a dream that left her sweaty, breathless and satiated.

white of her teeth
after she finishes
a big yawn

~ previously published in I’ll Tell You So (Cross + Roads Press)