Thursday, October 18, 2012

Forgive me, O Lord

photoart: ralph murre

Forgive me, O Lord 
by Jeanie Tomasko

I have been confusing window with glass. I have been confusing cup with water. Yesterday I thought white meant washed. I have said angel when I meant angle. I have been calling paper morning, morning afternoon, empty golden. I have even mistaken church for cement. I am blind. I am not the morning you made. And still, the tree outside my window is telling me everything I need to know about pink. The fire on the prairie is burning. The wine is saying how to drink. Dear Lord, show me how to unpray prayer, how to unbeseech seech, how to unholy wholly. I need to know how to uncup the words for window. How to unglass all this water.

~ first published in Right Hand Pointing